Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Inspirational Word Wednesday

 I did one of these "word wednesdays" a while back, but I really wanted to do one again. Somtimes a simple quote, verse, phrase, or passage can do more than you would have ever thought it would. Maybe this will help you get over your hump day. ;)

psalm 18:19

Love this.


He will you cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you will find REFUGE   Psalm 91:4

Hope you enjoyed these! Just a little mid-week refresher!
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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hashtag Photoshoot

One of my really good friends is an amazing aspiring photographer, and recently she did a fun photoshoot of me! This girl is only 16 and already has so many customers and amazing pictures. These are just a smallll portion of the ones she took of me. You can see more of my pictures on her facebook page Emily Frazier Photography ! I just had to share some of these awesome pictures!



I had so much fun doing these!
Hope you all have a fabulous week!!!!!
Love, Sarabethy
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"On the Front Row of the Best Show"

Actually I wasn't first row. But no complaints in the slightest.
The best thing is when you aren't expecting something amazing, and then you get something way beyond amazing. What fun is it to expect amazing and then get just exactly what you were expecting? No fun at all.
The night was a total blur. Everytime something amazing would happen I just remember looking over at my best friend and, eyes wide, giving each other the same look saying "is this really happening?!"
Totally out of nowhere, I had the privilege of attending a Luke Bryan concert last weekend.
Very few times do I find myself at a loss for words at how awestruck I am...but yet, here I am, not even knowing what to say. On thursday night, my best friend called me up saying she had just landed tickets for the Luke Bryan concert and do I like Luke Bryan or not. I liked Luke Bryan, knew his most popular songs, but wasn't a crazy fan who would spend a fortune on some tickets. But when someone hands you free tickets to a Luke Bryan concert, you aren't gonna say no. So the next day, at 7:00, we loaded up, with our cowgirl boots, hair bows, and cute little dresses in tow to enjoy a what we thought a no big deal chill something fun to do on a friday night sort of night.
We weren't prepared at all.
He was so amazing. He deserved that CMA. He put on such a great show. Like truly great.

Ain't he so just so cute! Actually it kinda freaked me out when I got home and looked him up on wikipedia and found out he was 37. It was a bit of a shocker...but he's still adorable. Judge me. Whatever. Go look up some of his concert vids or music vids and you would agree with me.
 Nobody ever wants to leave a concert, sure, but for this one, at one point when he walked off stage and it seemed like it was over, I was so mad! (he came back on though). But when it actually did end, as I walked out of the stadium my ears ringing, unable to understand any of the excited words my friend was saying, legs tired, and throat sore and scratchy from screaming and singing, all I wanted to do was do it all over again. The downside to not have been expecting such an amazing show was that I feel like I didn't get to take it all in. It's all such a blur. But I am so thankful that I got to go. If Luke is coming to a town near you, I can't begin to recommend going enough. There wasn't one thing that made it so amazing, it was simply just so much fun. It was like he threw a huge party and everyone just had fun! That's what made it so great.

only picture I got. haha
Another thing that shows you how good of a time I had is the fact that I didn't get almost any pictures or videos because I was too busy simply having fun, dancing the night away!

Summary: one of the best nights of my life.

But the story isnt over yet.

The next morning, at about 10:00am, when I had gotten about 8 hours of sleep, before I even gotten over the post-concert depression from the night before, and right after I spilled orange juice on my Luke Byran concert tshirt, I got on my laptop to find out if Hunter Hayes really was coming in town. I had heard it from a friend a couple days before, and decided I simply had to find out! Turns out he is coming, so I started looking at tickets. Surprisingly, the tickets weren't very expensive at all so I started texting my cousin, the one I went to see Taylor Swift with, because we simple had to go! Now, I'm about to make a very very long story short. After about an hour of texting my cousin, my mom texting my aunt, looking at stubhub and ticketmaster and begging begging, my sister, and two cousins landed front row pit tickets to Hunter Hayes.
like what.
Now, I was still in the zone from Luke the night before, and then I bought front row tickets to hunter hayes and i was in shock from everything so I laid in bed, turned on the country music station, and just simply laid there. And I was so happy.
So those are the latest concert happenings. And, like the title says, in less than a month I will be on the front row! 
P.S. I just got a photoshoot from someone that I know, and those pictures will be up in about a week and a half! I had so much fun and my friend did a GREAT job. I can't wait to show ya'll!